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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  September 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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28-20, the chicago bears come back. when we continue on "xfinity sports sunday," we'll go inside the 49ers locker room and hear from the 49ers as they drop the 1-1 on the season after a disappointing home opener in 2014.
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there is some injury news. vernon davis injured his anxious and he will h had to be carted off the field. he was seen around the locker room on crutches. we'll try to get more word on vernon davis. but for this game, the 49ers came up short. they led at one point 28-3, but the bears came back. jay cutler with four touchdown
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throws. the bears win 28-20 to go to 1-1. the 49ers unhappy in the locker room. alex boone setting the town. >> you know, it's the first game ever in levi's stadium. you want to end it on a good note. we turned the ball over too much. we as an offense have to pick it up. we can't leave our defense out to dry like that. we have to look at things, get better. you know, there's always room for improvement. but not a great way to start the home opener. >> when you're in that type of league, you need to keep scoring. you can't get complacent. but that's a good team. and they figured it out, and they came back and won. give them credit. >> we have bigger fish to try. we have a whole bunch of things to work on. we need that killer instinct. i'm sure -- we gave that game away. there's room for improvement.
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>> like you said, new stadium, the fans, great fans, you go like that, you have to go for the kill. and we didn't finish. they beat us. when we continue on "xfinity sports sunday," this wasn't the only football game played in the bay area. the silver and black had their home opener, and maybe it was black and blue. we'll tell you about the raiders as they host the texans straight ahead on "xfinity sports sunday."
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. "xfinity sports sunday" rolls on from levi's stadium. for the 49ers, boy, did they have a quick start in this one. it was special teams aaron lynch punt that lead to a t.d., and that was a tone setter. >> absolutely. when you start off that quick, and you throw the quick pass to crabtree in the end zone, score points, field goal. and then a touchdown. all of a sudden you're up 17-0. this is an explosive game. but the bears were able to get back in the game by that touchdown right by the end of the first half. >> for a good part of that first half, you really felt that the 49ers had completely controlled this game. and it could have been an even greater lead they had in that first half. they just weren't able to close the door shut on the bears. in the fourth quarter, the bears
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came back. a lot of action in the national football league on this sunday. some surprises in this one, taking a look at some of the notable nfl scores. the chargers beat seattle. philip rivers with three touchdown passes. they win 30-21. the seahawks now 1-1. the broncos hang on against the chiefs 24-17. this was a big one in the nfc west. arizona after winning on the road against the giants 25-14, they do it with backup quarterback drew stanton, a michigan stater, having a big day. and the rams also getting a win against tampa bay. they move to 1-1. austin davis, a third string quarterback, 20-29 with no turnovers for the rams. but the key in this one is the performance by arizona as they go to 2-0. they sit in first place in the nfc west is. that a surprise for you, especially with the backup? >> absolutely. and you saw last week they beat the chargers. so this team right now is on
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fire, playing really good football. >> how surprising is it that the two teams that are most thought of to be the leaders in the nfc west, seattle and the 49ers, come out 1-1 to start the year? >> that is very surprising. i would never believe that seattle would get beat by san diego. but rivers has a toughness and a cockiness about him, and he went out there and willed a victory. >> you have a sellout crowd. the opener for levi's stadium. added pressure for players when they step on the field? home games are fun. but was there maybe a little added pressure in this? >> heck, no. come on, jimmy. it's just a stadium. once those players get out there on the field, they are playing football. >> that's what it is. it's just football, right? >> yeah, playing a game. >> but you had the greats here. joe montana was here. that doesn't happen very often, does it? >> snoop dogg at halftime. >> that's got to add a little bit. sunday night football was out here. everybody. this was a disappointing one.
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there's no other way to look at it. and the 49ers will have to regroup and right away. it's not the only game going on in the bay area. the raiders had their home opener and had the houston texans for this one. and it was not a great start. ryan fitzpatrick, they made him look like a hall of famer, found jj watt to make it 7-0. >> i don't think they covered him because i don't think they thought he could catch the football. but sure enough, he did. >> and then it was 17-0. and then you get james jones on a reception. he fumbled, picked it up, stripped again. i don't know if can you describe that play. houston went on to win 30-14. do you remember that? that was a crazy play. >> it was a crazy play. >> i couldn't even understand it. i couldn't describe it. >> you fumble, you get it, you fumble again. >> the raiders are 0-2. and they did not perform well. >> no. they came out with no sense of urgency, no passion, no excitement. i tell you what, the fans were
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excited. it was a sellout game. but they weren't ready to play today. very sad performance. if you're the 49ers and you look at what you have ahead this is a team coming off a loss and they are 1-1. but they are playing without aldon smith and navarro bowman. can you find a silver lining in the fact that they were tough for a good part of the week? >> you can build on the fact that you came out strong, but you have to be able to finish in a national football league. and you have to realize, those guys aren't here. and they're not going to be here for a few games. so you have to realize, the nfl stands for not for long. and when a guy goes down, you've got to have a backup step up. and play as good if not better. their backup didn't play as good. definitely not better. >> i know that a lot of people will look at the play of colin cappkaepernick in this one. but you also feel they abandoned the running game. >> other than kaepernick running
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for his life, there was some of that, but this team was built on pounding the football, slowing down the football game, taking pressure off the quarterback. but i think with the big contract this year, the new receivers, i tell you what, they want to open it up. and they want to score a lot of points. and it hurt them in the second half. >> if you're colin kaepernick, what do you have to do next week? this is a game where you have to bounce back. >> i think it's as easy as not throwing it to the other team, jimmy. >> you're going to say don't throw it to the guys in different-colored jerseys? >> absolutely. >> but is it a mental game too? >> absolutely. it's one of those things where you have to bounce back. you have to be better in practice. you've got to be more efficient. you've got to execute. the offense did not execute in the second half. and i think they -- that was a thing where they needed to go back to what they're strong at, running the football.
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they game out the first half, they were on fire. gore had 50 yards rushing. kaepernick had 25. they were all over the place. they needed to slow it down. they didn't. and it really affected them. >> and that will do it for "xfinity sports sunday." the 49ers come up short. next week, steelers and panthers on sunday night football. and we'll be back with you. thanks for watching. good night from levi's stadium.
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megan, the cheerleading coach. >> before it fell, i mean, we were all running. everybody -- i heard terrifying screaming. then for a second when it was falling, i couldn't hear anything. it -- it's like everything blanked out, and i saw it coming toward me. i stopped and covered my head with my hands and crouched down hoping that i was going to be okay. >> and it just somehow missed you? >> yeah. i was just in this very lucky spot that didn't get hit. >> but the other three weren't so lucky. each had been struck by the falling debris and were motionless on the ground around jordan. >> i could only hear myself screaming, and it sounded like a horror movie just to be honest. i was just crying for h. aelp. and i was so scared.
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i could see blood on the sand. i was trying to lift everything off of my mom because what would i do without her? >> just yards away, another mother was on the ground, too. lauramagjars. >> i remember waking up flat on my back in the sand. it was dark. didn't realize i was under a tarp. i was surrounded by twisted metal. there was an eerie silence. >> her 10-year-old daughter, danielle, unhurt, was standing over her. >> i said, "are you okay?" she said, "yes." i said, "are you sure?" she said, "yes. how about you, mom?" i said, "i'm fine." i immediately start to look for my mom and other two daughters. as i turned, i saw maggie five feet to the left and behind me leaning up against a beam. >> laura tried to stand up and get to maggie but fell to the ground. it turns out laura's leg was broken, and she couldn't walk. >> i scooted maids to her and grabbed her in my lap.
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then danielle starts screaming, "her arm, her arm." i took one look. i couldn't tell if her arm was still attached. there was skin, a lot of blood. i could see the bone. >> in the cell phone video, you can hear laura scream -- >> maggie? maggie! >> i couldn't walk. i couldn't carry her. and i had no idea how i was going get out of the twisted wreckage. i knew i was in big trouble. >> where is she bleeding from? >> oh, my god! >> coming up -- >> it felt like a human instinct to run back in there. >> heroes rush in, but was there time? >> really kind of hit me just how terrible this was.
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in the blink of an eye, the structure holding equipment above the stage at the indiana state fair had collapsed on to the crowd including laura magjars and her family. and now through the haze of mangled wreckage, laura, who had suffered a broken leg among other injuries, could only see two of her three daughters, and one of them, 3-year-old maggie in the pink tutu, was in serious
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trouble. >> she was actually very quiet. she was pale. i mean, you could tell she'd lost a lot of blood, and i believe she was in shock. >> did she recognize you? did she know you were there wither? >> i was holding her. i know she knows i had her. but she didn't say anything. i'm thinking, oh, my god, i know i have a short amount of time to do something or the worst could happen with her sitting here in my lap. so i immediately screamed for help for my daughter. >> laura was now completely dependent on someone hearing that scream. someone who could happelp. >> i heard people screaming. you still had people running around. it felt like a human instinct to run back in there and find the people that needed help. >> oh, my god! >> david wood, when had narrowly escaped the collapse, was working his way back into the wreckage. >> are you okay? >> his cell phone was still recording the terrifying scene. >> oh, god!
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>> and then he came upon laura and maggie. >> i seen a woman holding her child. she was covered in blood. initially i thought the woman was injured, and i was asking her what was injured, where was she injured at. she informed me it was her daughter. calm down. it's not moving. it's not moving. calm down. where is she bleeding from? [ scream ] >> it was almost like a severed arm. and there's just blood coming out of it. >> we need a tour -- a tourniquet. >> david removed his shirt. you can hear the screams. a pediatric nurse arrived, and david and the nurse tried to delicately apply the tourniquet to maggie's arm. >> at the same time i'm hollering -- this little girl -- right here.
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>> okay. >> it was kind of like a mir kemp you asked for something -- miracle. you asked for something and you received. >> i'm a doctor. >> we've got a doctor, look out. >> the doctor had been in the sugar pit with one of his own daurn, daughters, barely escaping. >> we felt extremely lucky to have escaped especially seeing what happened to other people. >> he left his daughter with stranger and climbed back into the chaos. >> it was a maze of tubing. we had to climb up and weave your way through the wreckage. >> when robert got to maggie, he immediately recognized her. >> oh, my god. it's that girl in the tuesday. >> of it the slamtd girl his daughter had briefly played -- same little girl his daughter had briefly played with. >> her eyes were very big. she wasn't crying or saying anything. hit me how terrible this was.
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>> maggie's arm injury was so severe, robert knew she had to get to a hospital immediately. >> i saw the bloody tourniquet. his no idea at that point how much blood she lost before i got there. >> he picked up maggie in his arm and turned to take her out of the wreckage. >> i suddenly realized now what. it was hard enough to get into the rigging by myself. how too i g-- how do i get out an injured-year-old girl and not do more injury to her? >> it was in that instance an indiana state trooper arrived to help carry her out. >> i gave maggie to him, and my job was to wash and protect that arm. there are twhiems to gimes whenr higging he had to hand her -- rigging, he had to hand her over. he would continue and i would hand her over, and we would
10:25 pm
continue on out. >> finally painstakingly, they cleared the maze of metal, wires, and equipment. >> i said to him, "keep her arm in this position and get her help." he was like, "okay." he took au that's the last -- off. that's the last i saw of maggie. >> badly injured and still inside the wreckage, laura magjars had helplessly watched strangers take her little girl. that must have so hard to let your daughter go at that moment, especially with strangers and the condition she was? >> i knew her situation was critical, and i knew i didn't have a choice. >> did you think at any point that she could die? >> that crossed my mind. i didn't know if she was going to make it to the hospital. >> laura now had her middle daughter who was unhurt by her side. s she still didn't know what happened to her oldest daughter or her mother. >> i thought, oh, my god. i have one daughter alive, and i might have lost my entire family. i don't know.
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>> all around her, concert-goers and first responders were fighting dangerous conditions in a desperate battle to save lives. everyone knew time was running out. >> i saw like people being carried like this little girl had blood all over her. then i saw this lady like laying on the ground. it was like a movie. a horrible movie. coming up, two other mothers both with daughters in danger. >> it was awful. it it was the most panicked feeling to know that she couldn't be found. >> i just told her that mommy was here. >> total strangers about to share an unexpected connection.
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a stage roof has caved in at the indiana state fair. in an instant, tons of metal have rained down on fans waiting to see the country band sugarland. families are separated, it's not clear who escaped and who may still be trapped. and two mothers tried to find their daughter are about to learn they're linked in a way they never could have imagined. again, here's andrea canning. [ screams ] in the immediate after math
10:31 pm
at the indiana state fair, radio dispatch captured the terrifying scene. >> it just collapsed! >> first responders and concert-goers had rushed into the dangerous and unstable wreckage. >> i need everything to the grandstands. >> now a surreal drama was playing out. >> fire control, ems, i'm calling in mass casualties. >> 10-year-old jordan was unhurt and standing helplessly over her mother, sister, and family friend, megan toothman, when were all badly injured. first responders were now demanding jordan get out of harm's way. >> like if i could, i would lift it up and help them out. i wasn't allowed to. they were like, "if you aren't hurt, you have to get out as quick as you can." i said, "i love you, mom." that's all i cared about. >> you wanted to make sure you told her you loved her. those words at that time were important. >> uh-huh. >> did you worry that they could die? >> i was so scared because i don't know what i could do
10:32 pm
without my mom, my sister, and our friend, megan. it would be so hard to live without them. >> nevertheless, jordan crawled out of the wreckage herself. one of the lucky ones. >> it was so hard leaving them behind and being by myself in that scary moment. >> strangers guided jordan through the chaos to a police station at the fairgrounds. she wait there for hours, but then finally, there was good news about her mom and sister. >> they were in the ambulance, going to the hospital, and that they're going to be okay, and they didn't say where megan was yet. >> that's because megan was so severely injured she had been one of the first people evacuated to a hospital. and there were many others right behind her like 30-year-old mom andrea valinga, the former volleyball player with the radiant smile. how weak was her pulse? >> at that point it was fairly weak. she was breathing, but it was fairly shallow.
10:33 pm
>> kerwin martin is a paramedic. his wife, angela, is a doctor. they had witnessed the collapse from the grandstands and racing to help came across andrea who was unconscious and gravely injured. >> it was a speaker or something else over her head, and the wind was picking up again. at that point, i thought, wow, this is kind of dangerous. >> worried more debris could fall, they load andrea on to a makeshift stretcher and carried her out to a triage area under the grandstands. >> her pulse became really thready. we were worried at that point for her. >> we verbalized, you know, we need to get her out of her. kerwin set off on a mission to get her on a ambulance. >> you knew time was running out? >> the only thing that mattered was getting her quickly to the hospital. >> kerwin chased down an ambulance pulling away with a patient. >> they stopped and said, "hey, you've only got one patient."
10:34 pm
>> her life was on the line. >> absolutely. there was nothing else we could do for her at the fairgrounds. >> andrea suffered massive head trauma and was close to death. surgeons at methodist hospital immediately put a drain in her skull to relieve the immense pressure on her brain. the quick actions of the martins had saved andrea's life for the moment. outside indianapolis, her mother, sanda, had her news of the catastrophe. and at least four people had died. >> at one point we heard as many as 30 people had been trapped -- >> she still knew nothing of andrea's perilous situation because she couldn't reach her on the phone. >> it was awful. yeah. the most panicked feeling to know that she couldn't be found. >> on a hunch, sandy raced to methodist hospital hoping she would find her daughter there. >> her friends are there. they still don't know if she's there or not. >> a friend of sandy's checked the hospital's jane does. >> and she came back to the
10:35 pm
waiting room and said, "i think i found her. but what's her wedding ring look like?" then we knew that she was obviously pretty bad. >> was she able to look at her? and couldn't tell it was andrea? >> she couldn't tell. we described her wedding ring, and she said, "it's her." >> sandy saw andrea briefly as she was wheeled into surgery. >> she looked awful. tunes tubes in. so they took her to surgery, and she was in surgery for several hours. >> did part of you think, okay, at least she's alive? >> she's alive. >> we have a fighting chance here. >> yes, yes. we already knew people had not made it. so yes. we're thinking she's alive and just hang on to that. >> cheerleading coach, megan toothman, who had gone to the concert with 10-year-old jordan and her family, was also at methodist hospital. jordan was relieved to finally hear some news about her friend. >> they found megan, and that's when i was like, okay, i'm able
10:36 pm
to go to sleep. everything's going to be all right. >> but jordan didn't realize that megan was actually fighting for her life. megan's mother, melissa, learned that, too, when she arrived at the hospital from cincinnati. >> one of her doctors spent a great deal of time telling bus all of her injuries. >> megan had suffered fractured vertebrae, internal organ damage, and, like andrea, a traumatic brain injury. >> i told them that it wasn't her at first. >> you couldn't even recognize her as her own mother? >> no. not at first. not when i first walked in the room. >> were you able to hold her hand? >> yes. >> talk to her? >> yes. >> what did you say to her? >> i just told her that mommy was here. >> megan, like andrea, had emergency surgery that night. now the two lay in hospital beds down the hall from each other. their mothers, two strangers, now connected through tragedy,
10:37 pm
would soon learn just how linked their lives had become as they watched over their daughters and prayed. coming up -- >> that just shocked all of us. >> two families, two daughters, two very different outcomes. and that little girl in the pink tutu, what about her family? >> one
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five people had already died in the wake of the collapse at the state fair, and now life-saving efforts had moved from the fairgrounds to several indianapolis hospitals. >> here in the last several hours, you've seen cars pull up and people get out and sprinting in. >> it was very chaotic. i don't think the hospitals were prepared, but they did the best they could. >> laura magjars was at methodist hospital being treated for a broken leg and other injuries. but that wasn't her biggest concern. her youngest daughter, 3-year-old maggie in the pink tutu, had suffered a severe arm injury. laura had let complete strangers take her away. >> i knew i didn't have a choice because if i wait for th-- wait for to find all of them at once, too much time would have passed
10:42 pm
by. >> hours passed after the fateful decision, and laura had no idea if maggie made it to the hospital or not. >> it was horrible. i feared the worst. i don't do helpless well, and i was helpless that night. >> finally laura got some news -- maggie was alive but at a different hospital. >> it first report was that maggie was stable but of going to have surgery. >> laura wanted to be by maggie's side, about because of her own injuries, doctors at methodist insisted she stay put. >> i said, "my daughter's having surgery. she's 3. i need to be there." >> you had all these injuries, yet it sounds like you weren't worried about yourself one bit. >> no. not at all. my injuries were the least of my concerns. >> finally, the doctors relenteded, and nearly 12 hours after the collapse, laura was able to get to her little girl. maggie had just gotten out of surgery. >> one look at her broke my heart. i mean, she was pretty much asleep. she was on morphine.
10:43 pm
>> but despite that terrifying arm injury, doctor told laura maggie was going to make it. >> it was great. i was so glad to see she was going to be okay. >> that wasn't the only good news laura would get. she learned that her mother had been injured but was going survive. and her two older daughters were also okay. uninjured, in fact. >> somehow they managed to find each other in the crowd, and they were standing there alone and scared until a young couple came by and said, you know, let's help these girls. >> whether you got that final phone call -- when you got that final phone call that everyone was okay, your three daughters and your mom, what emotions were you feeling at that moment? >> i could actually breathe. then i told the doctor, okay, now you can give me some pain medicine. >> back at methodist, those two other mothers were hoping for some good news of their own as they sat with their daughters in the neurointensive care unit.
10:44 pm
melissa with megan, and sandy with her daughter, andrea. did you read to her? did you talk to her? did you hold her hand? >> we did all that. we put pictures in the room of her daughter and family. >> both had suffered traumatic brain injuries. doctors had even removed a portion of andrea's skull in order to ease the brain swelling. were you warned after the surgery that she may still not survive? >> yes, because they really don't know -- your brain controls so many things in your body. >> as the tense hours of that first night turned into tense days of waiting and praying, melissa and sandy got to know one another. >> they were just a very sweet family. they were very kind to us and to our kids. and it seemed lake whatever happened to megan happened to andrea the next day. >> we just shared a lot of our feelings about our families and what was going on with our daughters. and you know, what did they tell you today, and this is what they
10:45 pm
told me today. it was helpful to have this other family to go through this with. >> by wednesday, all 17th, four days after the collapse, the swelling in megan's face began to subside. >> we could finally see her eyelashes for the first time. >> but despite everything the doctors were doing for her, megan's condition was actually worsening. >> that's still the ironic thing to me was that as the week went on and she started to look more and more like megan on the outsi outside, her body was shutting down on the inside. >> sunday, august 21st, eight days after the accident, doctors told her her daughter would never talk again, see again, walk again, breathe on her own. >> he told use eye will never
10:46 pm
forget these words -- that times you do thing for their life, and that's what they had been doing, but they had reached a point that they were now doing things to her life. >> melissa and her husband now faced a heart wrenching decision -- should they take megan off life support. >> i knew what megan wanted. as her mom, i think it would have been selfish ton do what she wanted. and she said said she wanted to be an organ donor. she signed that card, she checked that box. >> fitting, thought megan's family, that her final act would be a selfless one for the benefit of strangers. and so her parents along with her younger sister and brother who looked up to her so much gathered to say one last good-bye. to know you just have one day left with your child. >> right. >> what's that like?
10:47 pm
>> i sat with her the whole time, held her hand the rest of that day and all of the next day. and i couldn't go down with her to the surgery. my husband did go with her, though. and kissed her on the forehead and told her that we loved her. >> what did you say to her when she left the room? >> what we always said, "i love you whole in this world." when she was a little girl, she always said, "i love you whole in this world." and even as an adult, she always said that. >> it was august 22nd, 2011. megan toothman, the seventh victim to die from the collapse, was 24 years old. just down the hall, andrea's mom, sandy, couldn't believe the news. >> we kept thinking, okay, we've
10:48 pm
made it through another day. they're going to live, you know. it's going to be okay. and then when they were told that she wasn't, then that just shocked all of us. >> it was a twist of fate then that on that same day megan died sandy's own daughter, andrea, did something that gave them a glimmer of hope. >> she'd been laying there just motionless, just no movement at all. and all of a sudden she coughed. a cough. could that mean she was coming out of her coma? after all she endured, was recovery even possible? >> that was such a hopeful, such a hopeful sign.
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it was nine days after the collapse of the state fair when andrea valinga finally coughed. >> the doctor said, "that's a good thing. she's having a normal reflex there." >> and the flex day, andrea did something even more remarkable. she briefly opened her eyes. >> so thank gnall we could see those eyes again. we knew things were going to start functioning again. >> it was a hopeful sign. but as her husband and young daughter kept vigil, andrea was still technically in a coma. >> the waking up from a coma is a long, difficult process.
10:53 pm
she's very stressed. a lot of flailing of her arms and legs. and you don't know if she's in pain. we knew if she could start communicating, we would know what hurt. >> reaching that milestone would take nearly a month with the help of a dry erase board. >> the first thing we asked her is, what's your daughter's name. and she wrote, "liddy," l-i-d-d-y. >> that spoke volumes about her brain working. >> yes. that was such a hopeful, a hopeful sign at that point. >> andrea was out of danger. she would survive. once so active and athletic, the former volleyball player had to relearn how to talk, walk, and regain her fine motor skills. >> you know, it was just so not andrea, you know. you knew andrea wanted to be doing all that, but you could tell she did everything everybody asked of her. >> throughout her rehab in order
10:54 pm
to protect the hole in her skull where a portion had been removed, andrea wore a helmet. >> she wanted to start feeling normal, but wearing that helmet was really hard to feel normal. >> andrea stuck to. after nine months in various hospitals from indiana to michigan, she was finally able to come home. >> miraculous the way your brain can reconnect and heal itself and relearn. >> but to truly understand just how miraculous andrea's recovery had been -- >> go, mom! >> you have to see for yourself. >> you look pretty darn good. >> thanks. >> you couldn't have paid me to have hair this short before. gosh, it's easy. everyone. >> everyone talks about your radiant smile. it's still here. has it been hard to smile? throughout all of this?
10:55 pm
>> there's definitely times i'm not smiling. more times i smile. >> as she continues to recover from the collapse that nearly killed her, andrea notes how lucky she is to be alive. >> that's why i cry so much easier than i used to. it's because i'm very happy and cherished. i'm going to cry right now, but i'm very happy to be here right now because i know i might not have been. >> she's still a work in progress with limited use of her left arm and hand, she's learning new ways of doing everyday tasks. >> i can tie my shoes with one hand because this arm, my left arm, is still -- i mean, i'm thankful that i can move it really. >> andrea and her family credit much of her incredible recovery to two things -- her strong faith in god and the fact russia she was in peak physical
10:56 pm
condition at the time she was hurt. >> i was in training for the first indianapolis all women's marathon when this happened. it's what helped me recover, being in good shape. >> she was able to take that helmet off for the last time a year and a half after the accident, but she didn't throw it away. what does it make you think when you see that helmet? >> to be reminded of where i was and where i am. totally different. i mean, i know i'm going to have to deal with this the rest of my life and just be very thankful for where i am. >> jordan is thankful, too. her mom and sister recovered from their injuries. but it's bittersweet because of the one who didn't come home with them, megan toothman. >> i miss her so much. she was really nice, and i wish she could still be here so i could tell her all these things that i accomplished. >> megan's memory carries on
10:57 pm
through a foundation her parent created in her honor that grants scholarships to high school and college students who possess megan's spirit and desire to give back. >> and that's her legacy just to make sure that we're helping as many kids as we can in her name. >> did you ever feel like why us? >> you know what, i never said why us. i always considered us lucky, even considering maggie's injuries and mine. i mean, we were very lucky. >> laura feels lucky because her daughter, maggie, has made a complete recovery from her life threatening arm injury. >> other than the scar, if you look at her she looks like a normal 5-year-old girl. >> and she did to us when we met her. how excited were you the day of the concert to see sugarland? >> i was excited. i standed there almost all day waiting, but i had pretty much fun. >> i hear that you were pretty
10:58 pm
brave. >> i was pretty brave. braver than i imagined i would feel. >> the main question that remains from that awful night is why the structure collapsed so completely. a state commissioned investigation performed by an independent company determined that the structure had a faulty design, was improperly constructed, and was never inspected. nevertheless, indiana state, though, at the time did not regulate such structures. also, some questioned if the concert should have been canceled and the audience evacuated when the storm was threatening. several lawsuits have been filed to sort it out including one against the band sugarland which denied any responsibility. the state of indiana without admitting liability has paid out $11 million in settlements to the victims and their families. is there self-er lining in this?
10:59 pm
>> yes. five of us lived, five of us came home, and we have a whole group of new friends. >> among them, some of the men and women who came together to help save that little girl in the pink tutu. it was one of many heroic rescues that terrible night where first responders and so many regular people thrust suddenly into a crisis worked together to save the lives of people they'd never met. >> i'd like to say there's something special about hoosiers. they stick together, and it's a great example of that. >> at the state fairgrounds, that hoosier spirit carries on. while the lives lost will always be remembered, survivors strive to move forward. >> i'm very blessed to be alive. that's why i even am thankful for bad days i have because any days at this point are good days.
11:00 pm
that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, without warning, a deck collapses during an east bay party, sending nearly a dozen people to the hospital. also, fallout across the national football league. female fans are pushing back. we'll show you the new social is media campaign that is putting domestic violence front and center. >> let's go niners! >> and the prime minister time debut of the 49ers new stadium. fans leaving the 49ers home opener disappointed. and frustrated by traffic as they try to scramble out of the stadium. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. a grand opening with a bitter


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